Wednesday, December 31, 2008

reflections on the year

our family is extremely blessed to have experienced so many wonderful things in 2008. among them, we've...

seen zack experience swimming in a pool and in the ocean for the first time
known how great it feels to hold your daughter in your arms
watched zack take his first shaky steps, and now watching him run
changed thousands of diapers but surprisingly found ourselves smiling during many of them
styled zacks hair into silly styles in the bath
learned waht it's like to pack extremely lightly for ourselves to make room for the kids stuff
seen zack stick his little piggies in the sand for the first time
shared san francisco, our favorite city, with our son
seen the look on zack's face as he saw his first cows and goats
seen the joy on zack and pennys grandparents face as they play together
had the luxury to visit family much more than we were able to while living in CA
had both the most mellow and the most enjoyable new years eves with the kids
seen how brave zack was at the allergist
heard zack practice saying "ho ho ho" like santa as he lie in his crib during naptime
loved having so many family and friends come visit us at our home
been thrilled with fear and excitement to see another positive pregnancy test
watched mom's belly get impossible huge again
gone to the hospital during false labor
been lucky to have a healthy, happy new baby penelope
been lucky to have meme and papa lou to take care of zack while we were at the hospital
had many great dinners out together as a family
experienced zack's first "mama" and "dada" and fell in love with his sweet voice
heard zack repeat his first swear word in that same sweet voice...whoops!
dealt with the croup in the middle of the night
gone in to get zack up from his nap at grammy's, only to have seen him pantless (and tiny jeans lying on the ground!)
survived flights to Florida, Chicago, and all the way to California without any major incidents and no crying (a miracle, really)
enjoyed meeting grampy out for lunch many times
been blessed to have continued good health for our two beautiful children
witnessed penny's first smiles and cooing
experienced the frustration of wedging a toddler's foot into boots
lost socks off of penny's impossibly tiny feet
realized how worth it it was to turn the "formal livingroom" into a playroom
seen the joy a simple playground swing can bring
played "i'm gonna get you!" and "peek-a-boo!"countless times
conquered the world of cloth diapers
loved seeing zack dance for the first time
loved seeing friends and family meet penny for the first time
laughed as we watched zack sled and experience playing in the snow for the first time
been filled with hope and excitement to watch our little ones grow in 2009...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

merry & bright (& a little bit cranky)

zack & penny had a wonderful christmas: spending christmas eve at meme and papa lou's, christmas day at great auntie rita's house, opening gifts the day after christmas with grampy, nonnie & uncle john. and, of course, penny had a fantastic time at game night with mom's high school/college friends as well! some highlights:

meeting auntie tara...
meeting mari...
zack checks out the family's new toybox, made by grampy! trip is over. let's get out of here!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

happy birthday, papa lou!

we all woke up this morning and said "oh no! it's december 23!" that means we slept right through papa lou's birthday -- so this one is a tad late, but we love you papa lou!
zack's first attempt at saying "happy birthday" on command...we'll work on it and nail it by next year, we promise!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

first snowday...

here in MA, we've had over a foot of snowfall in the past 24 hours. watching zack play in the snow today for the first time ever was enough to warm anyone's heart.

catching flakes on his tongue, dragging his arm out of the sled to make tracks, and just seeing the pure joy on his face -- all so cute! i'm not sure he's quite ready to make snow angels, though...

Saturday, December 20, 2008


today, we accomplished the impossible: taking a photo of one of us with the 2 kids in the picture as well. sure, we're sitting on the floor, but we'll take what we can get!

Friday, December 19, 2008

little hands

penny loves to have her hands up touching her she sweet or what?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

one month

penny celebrated her first month in the world today be keeping her eyes open more and even giving us a little wink...

a loooong week...

with both zack and penny under the weather this week with minor colds, we had lots of time on our hands to goof around. some examples:

showing off his forward roll to penny,playing in cabinets he shouldn't be in... playing "peek-a-boo" through a tube...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

why i had a second baby...

while people continually comment about how much zack looks like his dad, i think penny resembles her mom a bit...

baby penny:

baby laura:

Monday, December 8, 2008

booties and booty

inspired by a bundle of booties hanging in the window of "purl soho", mom commissioned pro knitter grammy (now called "meme" by zack) to knit penny a pair. they came out beautiful -- mom adores the color -- and are as soft as can be. the inspiration booties:

a booty of a different sort: for about the past, say 6 months, zack's favorite food has been pirate's booty (this includes actual "pirate's booty", "smart puffs", and the vegan "simply booty". sorry, "veggie booty", zack is allergic to your soy...) it is such a staple in his diet that we even developed a sign for "booty". while the possiblities were endless and potentially hilarious, we went with a simple head tap. given how messy zack's hands get during a meal, we sorta regret this sign.

Friday, December 5, 2008

3 fun weeks!

we've had quite a good time with miss penny so far....she's enjoyed visits from grandpa keenan, grampy, grammy and papa lou, auntie heather...etc...etc... lucky gal!

thanks for helping mommy out, grammy!
hello, auntie h...the keenan clan at thanksgiving dinner...with grampy...and with the best big brother ever...
just a bit bigger than our remote control...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

look at that form!

dad and grandpa keenan took zack to his little gym class while mom was home recovering. not sure what he's doing here, but his form looks spot on!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

santa who?

today, mom, zack, penny and grammy sue headed out to go visit with santa claus. there were no tears, but zack was clearly not impressed...