Wednesday, October 31, 2012

unicorn and sully

zack and penny loved trick or treating this year -- it was the first year that mom didn't "plant" candy at the neighbors house (because of the allergy situation, not because i'm crazy).  they went door to door at 10 houses and when they returned home, we dutifully checked their bags for any stray peanut or treenut laced bars and found that, surprisingly, all their candy was "safe".  phew!  

they also went to a neighborhood party a few nights before and had a blast because it was "kids only"!  growing up....

Saturday, October 6, 2012

zoo time

awesome day at the zoo yesterday.  highs near 80 degrees, not too shabby for october!

brave gymnast

5 year stats

zack had an awesome 5-year well visit!  out little guy is getting super big.  :-)
height:  40.25 inches
weight:  35 lbs.