Sunday, June 12, 2011

lazy days of summer

i just love this shot of penny and zack cooling off at nearby lake winthrop.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

sotryland fun

the excitement builds (well, at least zack's does)
our "time out" spot off the highway
zack was obsessed with the map
the teacups were much faster than one would think!
flying dutch shoes were super fun
awww, sweet zackers
best buds
this is what penny is going to look like with hair!
they were so excited to meet cinderella!

poncho time!
great time had by all! see you next time, storyland!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


many many thanks to everyone who helped make my recent trip to spain possible - we all know that when you have kids, getting away is tricky business. thanks to tim, nonnie (lisa), and mary for taking over in my absence. it was an amazing experience -- we covered the first 3 stages of the "camino a santiago", a famous pilgrimage route that crosses northern spain. my pal carey and I (who I met when living in sevilla way back in '97!) hiked the 45 miles from st. jean pied de port france to pamplona, spain. traveling on foot is an amazing way to see the country and meet people other pilgrims/hikers from all over the world.

i can't wait to begin the next stage in a year or two or three....(babysitting volunteers!?) :)

nice to come home to :)