Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy thanksgiving!

nothing says "happy thanksgiving" like some nagging from relatives that you don't update the blog enough. well, you guys are right. here you go and thanks for a top-notch turkey day!

the day started off by tim, pen, and zack taking a trip up to boston to pick up grandpa keenan at the airport. they got in a bit of play time before we headed to grampy and nonnie's for some yummy dinner and great company.

penny shows "abba dabba" her fishing puzzle...
...and then teaches him how to play. :)
of course, zack & penny have to sneak in some art time today (like any other day)...sharing the paper so nicely

let the festivities begin! little monkey penny refused to wear the special thanksgiving dress i had bought her, so she wore one of her old favorites.
uncle john shows his love for annie.
the shicko clan.
and the keenans (with both kids almost looking). penny, of course is being her silly self and making a "fish face".
happy thanksgiving everyone! and thanks for being nice enough to have read this far! :)

a success!

penny sues birthday was a great one. we have a happy little 2-year old on our hands. :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

you're two, penny sue!

a look back at the past year with our darling penelope...