Wednesday, May 30, 2012

happy campers

the little keenans took their first ever camping trip this memorial day weekend.  we headed to a family-friendly campsite up in salisbury, ma.  it was the idea first time camping spot, as there were facilities, a general store, and we had the beach super close by.  the best part was that we had some of our best buddies with us -- the defoyds, the theodorous (minus peter & andrew), the greenfields (minus miles), and the noyes girls (zack's personal favorites this weekend!)  after such a fantastic time, i have a feeling we'll be camping out again before the summer ends!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

party rockers in the....library

those of you that know penny well know that she can be a first-class goofball.  she's definitely the comedienne in the family, constantly making us laugh with the faces she makes, voices she comes up with, and general silliness.  this afternoon at the library, she gave the librarians (and some teenage boys) quite a chuckle when she entered the super quiet main area and sang at the top of her little lungs, "party rockers in the houuuuse toniiiiight!!!"

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

swim meet, a bit tardy

catch up time!  

back in march, tim had a 3-day swim meet at harvard university.  zack, penny & i headed up the final day to see one race of his, then spent some time in harvard square goofing around.  here are some of the photos.  not included are:  photo of penny melting down and ripping off her own shirt and photo of the two kids, shirtless, from being so hot and tired.  now you might understand why i don't have an actual photo of tim swimming.  it was a tad chaotic.  :)

 not, tim's not in this one, but i thought it was a cool pic.
 refusing to smile...

 what a love zack is.
 my gal
 fun on the steps of widener

 spiderboy, walking the very shallow ledge of the library
a bit of history...why not?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

last day at dean

this past friday, penny and zack had their final day of school at Dean College Children's Center.  because it is part of the college, the children's center must also follow the college calendar/schedule.  thus, we are out of school in early may.  while we love love love the program at Dean, the little keenans will be attending a new school next fall with a more typical (longer!) school calendar.  

here are some snapshots from their last day at dean:  (notice, as they picnic progresses, penny's hair gets curlier and curlier from the bubbles! too funny!)

final pickup...coming out of the gate
 posing with mom in front of the play yard
 the teddybear picnic!  fun times with "the bubble man"
 dancing with dad
 tying to get the snapping thing down...
 growing up, looking more like a little boy every day
 hula hooper!

driving the fire truck!
 gotta spread those dandelion seeds!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

a cheerful room

this weekend, i finally got around to finish up penny's big girl room.  i was motivated by a recent incident in which her poor little leg got stuck in the slats of her toddler bed, prompting us to have to SAW the bed!  

so, here we are with her new and improved room.  some new things include the bed (found on the road and painted!), a new mattress (of course), the penny pillow (which, incidentally, she does NOT like.  she tells me it makes her sad inside!), the apple print, the stuffed animal bin, and the wicker chair.  everything else is repurposed in some way or another.  for me, the room is a reflection of penny:  bright, happy, and just makes you smile.