Wednesday, September 26, 2012

turning 5

turning 5 means a bunch of doctors appointments.  yesterday's annual "well-visit" went great.  (more to come on that) and today brought zack's fifth round of allergy back prick testing.  it's so much tougher now, since he knew what to anticipate and was telling me the whole way there that he didn't want to do the test.  he was an absolute trooper, though and didn't make a peep once we were at the hospital.  sadly, the test did itch/burn a whole lot and he cried because of that.  after 10-15 min. it was over and he was back to his old self.  allergy update is:

still allergic to ALL nuts (peanuts and all tree nuts).  that's the two rows of three on the right you can see.  very allergic.

we got him tested for apples because he sometimes coughs when eating them (and mom is allergic to apples) and chicken because he has complained that his "neck hurt" when eating chicken nuggets before.  zack knows himself best because sure enough, he is allergic to chicken!  luckily, he can still have apples (many times he eats the apples in a happy meal, with the chicken nuggets -- so that might explain the coughing).

still allergic to egg and peas.

 later that day.... a pic zack took of us.  sweet guy...!

that's the update on zack's allergies till next fall!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


while this post is late, it's not nearly as late as it could be, given all the chaos in our house due to "hardwood floor saga 2012" (another post to come).  a couple of weekends ago we took the kids to storyland.  we had to do it.  after all, we had a behavior chart for most of the summer and they worked hard to earn the trip.  it was a fantastic time -- one of the best parts was having a water park in our hotel (handy when you arrive at the park on friday afternoon to find that after labor day it's closed during the weekdays...whoops!  definitely a clark griswold moment there...).  we also were lucky enough to hang out with our pals alex and marissa at their condo, where characters from storyland come visit each night and we got to make smores over a campfire.  cinderella was even sweet enough to sing happy birthday to zack -- since we were there on the 7th!  anyhow, these pics need little explanation.

twirling turtles -- our favorite (NOT tim's!)

below:  a real phone booth!  certainly a photo op...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

waterslide fiesta

we celebrated sweet zack's soon-to-be fifth birthday this past weekend with some pals (and family! -- even abba dabba came from chicago!)  the giant waterslide was a hit and our little guy had the best time.