Monday, March 28, 2011

hello brooklyn, hello veda june!

well, it's no secret that the little keenan blog has fallen behind a bit. with flu, fevers, stomach issues, and sinus infections being passed back and forth at home, our "free" time has been slim. however, we're back and ready to catch up on some old-ish news.
a few weeks ago, dad had a week-long business trip. mom and the little keenans saw this as a perfect opportunity to hit the road and explore a bit. first stop (after meme and papa's house), brooklyn! we were so excited to meet then-2-week-old veda june (heather and andrew's lovely little gal) and have a yummy (yet little crazy with my 2 wild kids) lunch with kristen and heather. we even dropped into a park slope playground to stretch our legs a bit. the road trip was a success, thanks for my fantastic travel buddies!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

out with the baby, in with the big boy

zack's "big boy" room has been complete for a few weeks now. mom did all the painting and the only new item in the room is the bed (well, the curtain fabric is new & i sewed those myself. i also bought the balloon print on etsy a while ago for him, knowing i wanted some dashes of red in there somewhere). i found the vintage desk at a thrift store while pregnant with zack. originally, it held zack's diapers etc. next to his changing table in his nursery, but now makes the perfect little nightstand, complete with drawers for his cars, etc.
oh, and one last thing: i was going to paint the inside back wall of the closet a COLOR (green maybe?). but now i'm leaning towards leaving it as is. thoughts?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

why i mostly shower at the gym during the week

this is what happens if i attempt to shower during the day with both kids at home. what you can't see well in the pics is that they colored their scalps and feet too. actually, according to zack, penny did all the coloring and he was totally innocent. ha...